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Using Discord's webhook feature, you can subscribe a channel to webhook notifications from!

NOTICE: I am currently investigating an issue where only the most recent 100 webhook subscriptions are actually getting webhooks sent. This will be fixed when this message is removed.

Creating a Discord Webhook

  1. Navigate to your server settings.

  2. Select "Integrations".

  3. Create a webhook.

  4. Give your webhook a name and set the channel you want them to post in.

  5. Once your webhook is ready, select "Copy Webhook URL".

  6. At the top of this webpage, select Twitter account you want to subscribe to, enter your Webhook URL, and click Subscribe.

  7. You can sign up your URL to multiple accounts. However, I recommend having a separate URL for each account so that if you wish to stop receiving updates from one of the Twitter accounts, you can safely delete the corresponding Webhook and still enjoy updates from other accounts you are subscribed to.

Removing a Discord Webhook

To remove your already existing Discord integration, just remove the corresponding webhook in your Discord server settings.


I get multiple messages for every Tweet!

You subscribed to the same webhook multiple times. To fix this, delete your old webhook, create a new webhook with a new URL, and subscribe again. Make sure you only subscribe once. If you get a success message, you have been subscribed.

How do I tell if my webhook is working?

It's something I didn't think would be necessary during development, but as people sign up I realize I should have implmented a test message earlier. At some point in the near-ish future I will add this, but for now, if you get a success message, you have been subscribed. If you want further confirmation, DM /u/ColonialDagger on reddit and I can manually check for you.

It takes too long for the webhook to show up!

Discord rate limits how many webhooks I can send at a time. It averages around 20/s, even though their limit is officially 50/s. It takes time to go through all the webhooks, and as the list expands, it will also take longer for the list to be fully processed. For the time being, I will always guarantee that webhooks are sent out within the minute. In the future, I already have solutions in mind that would work around this limitation and be able to get out all the webhooks in a more timely manner.

I'm having an issue not listed here or I need more help!

DM /u/ColonialDagger on reddit for assistance.