Destiny Status

A simple way to view tweets and updates from @BungieHelp.


This page will show any changes made to the website, both backend and frontend, in addition to any future plans.


Change Priority Difficulty
Fix an issue where a full thread is not always scanned (D2Team Ability Article announcement). High High
Fix an issue where a thread is seen as different Tweets due to the Twitter user not posting them correctly. High High
Fix an issue where the service fails due to a legacy error causing a lockout. High Medium
Fix an issue where videos are not included in Webhooks due to Webhooks functionality. High Low
Fix an issue where administrators are not notified when the service fails. High Low
Investigate if Cloudflare is blocking requests/httpx High Low
Make all timestamps in Webhooks Unix Compatible. Medium High
Fix an issue where a full thread is not sent in notifications and Webhooks due to subsequent tweets being posted after the scan was completed. Medium Medium
Add Wiki-style links to specific tweets. Medium Low
Create a status page. Low High
Add historical tweets. Low High
Make Tweets that are re-posted edit the originally sent Webhooks rather than sending the new Tweet again. Low High
Add drop downs to threads on website. Low Medium

Changelog 1 June 2024

Changelog 14 May 2024

Changelog 1 April 2024

Changelog 21 March 2024